After an incredibly successful early career in design, interior designer Gary Warrell-Phillips decided to take time out in order to pursue other life ambitions and after taking five years out to study, travel and get married, discovered that his true passion never left.


When Gary first approached us, we had a long meeting to establish how we could brand and promote this incredibly talented designer.

Because of his dedication to his clients, Gary works directly on each project. He is the face of the company and why it is a success – so it made absolute sense for Gary to be the brand and the identity of the business.

In the first instance we set about creating a brand identity that encompassed Gary’s personality and design style and from here the tone was set for the rest of the project.


For the past 20 years Decoration by Design has expanded to be so much more than an interior design company, therefore the website needed to carefully convey all aspects of the business, whilst clearly promoting the mainstay.

In addition to interior design, there is furniture restoration and a staggering collection of beautiful vintage and antique furniture.

In order to display each piece in a way that would make them stand out in their own right, we felt a magazine style photo shoot held in the grounds of Gary’s workshop in Brook House near Fleet, would make the perfect backdrop to this beautiful collection of antique furniture.

After a beautifully sunny and rather hot day, that involved bribing horses not to eat the props, we came away with a number of very impressive shots.

Responsive Website Design & Build

With the photography complete, the focus was now to begin designing the website – a project which we relished as it gave us the opportunity to create a cleverly designed platform that would allow each aspect of Gary’s company to really stand out.

The simple and elegant backdrop, combined with the branding, photography and innovative design elements, collectively created a visually impactful and stunning website that is viewable on all mobile devices, that can evolve as the business grows.

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