Website Design

Is your Website Responsive?

Each year reveals new trends and technologies in website design. For instance, in 2014 we saw the increased emergence of websites adopting minimalism, grid layouts and increased capabilities such as background videos.

Today websites are all about customer experience and usability as now, more than ever, digital content is being viewed on a wide spectrum of devices.

Responsive website design is about providing a user experience, irrespective of whether using a smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or smart TV.

Whilst content is still king, in a 24/7 world it is the user experience that promotes visitor engagement, therefore it is imperative that consumers are able to view content through the device of their choice – at anytime, wherever they are.

If your website is not consistently responsive you will be missing out on an increasingly large percentage of your target audience.

By combining exceptional designs with streamlined development techniques, we use our knowledge and skill to create responsive platforms for our clients that enhance and help grow their businesses.

Find out now whether your website is mobile friendly with this simple analysis tool.