Email Marketing

An ever popular growing market, email marketing has become hugely important in helping companies promote and market their business cost effectively.

As a result, nb design launched our own email marketing tool ‘nb email’, to enable our clients to send branded, bespoke professional emails to their customers in minutes, and with prices from only 1.5p per email – you can’t afford not to.

If you already have an account, you can access the login page here.

Our simple to use e-mail tool enables you to manage every aspect of an email campaign, from building a mailing list and creating personalised newsletters, to measuring campaign results and sending automated follow up emails.

Maintain existing customer relationships easily

It’s up to 10 times cheaper to sell to an existing customer or client than it is to attract and find a new one, the value of customer loyalty and repeat business is just too important to ignore.

Features include:

FREE Email templates

When you register for a FREE Account, we will automatically load our 3 default templates for you, which you can use to your hearts content.

Should you wish for something a bit more we can also make bespoke templates for you, check out our design templates for the range of different options available to you.

Simple to use email editor

Create great looking email campaigns with ease. It’s so simple, just select a template and then add your own pictures and text content. No technical knowledge is required – if you can edit a Word document, you can use nb email’s editor system.

However should you feel inclined HTML and CSS tags are supported for the more advanced user.

Personalise your emails

It’s the little things that make a difference between being making a sale and not. To help your emails hit the right spot, you can add a personal touch by sending e-mails that mention them by their name or e-mail address (or any other of the Custom Fields that you have available in your own List) in the email itself.

Schedule when to send your campaign

Deliver your email in just a few clicks, with the option of either sending immediately or scheduling for a future date. You will not be charged unless your campaign is sent to 6 or more email addresses.

Our campaigns are delivered by Industry leading mail servers with support for email domain authentication to help your emails get to their destination.

Spam Testing

Our design and spam testing tool enables you to check your email campaign against popular spam filters, firewalls & email programs ensuring you achieve the best possible delivery rates.

Review your open rates in Real-time

Easily compare and analyse the success and effectiveness of your email campaigns with real time reporting of opens, clicks, bounces and more. Integration with Google Analytics is also provided.

Manage Lists & Subscribers

You can quickly and easily import your email lists of customers and subscriber and then segment your subscribers to target specific groups of people. Our automated list management organises any unsubscribed or bounced emails and removes duplication for future campaigns.

Add to your Facebook page

Using our simple plugin you can add a sign-up form to your Facebook page, which will automatically add new subscribers to one of your existing subscriber lists in your nb email account.

Add to your own website

nb email includes an easy to use subscription form builder, that in just a couple of clicks enables you generate the HTML code of a form that can be added to your existing website.

It is easy to get email marketing working for you with nb email.

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