Brand Identity & Logo Development

‘A brand without personality is a brand without a soul’ Nathan Best, Owner-nb design

Although a visual identity is a small part of the overall brand, it remains the first connection made with the consumer’s mind.

In today’s increasingly connected, digital world, where the rules of branding are constantly changing, brand identities can no longer be a static symbol. If the vision for a brand is not centered in a rich emotional connection with customers and the visual identity is not well-defined, the brand may be visible, but it will lack personality.

We understand that to create a powerful, highly valued brand, we must work closely with our clients in order to represent them as an emotionally based idea that goes beyond their product or service. We’re not just designing their logo/brand identity, we are producing an engaging and compelling experience.

When we sit down with a client to discuss the concept of their branding, we want to know how the company began, the meaning behind the name, the people behind the brand, what the company is about and who they are talking to. Basically, we want to understand what is at the heart and soul of a company, so we can interpret this in a way that engages, compels and stands the test of time!